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£ 25,998.00 each

Martin Logan Renaissance ESL 15a Loudspeakers

What makes a masterpiece? Is the “Mona Lisa” just a picture of a woman smiling, or is there more to it?

We consider something a masterpiece when uncommon skill and artistry shapes familiar elements in an unexpected way, revealing an essential truth.

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Kalista Ultimate CD Transport

The metronome Kalista represents the ulitmate performance that can be achieved in CD playback It is to the CD world what the continumm Claiburn systems is tothe analogue world. An ideal platform to consolidate the huge universe of CD and to start collecting seriously.

£ 4,298.00 each

Sonus Faber Olympica Centre Speaker

All Sonus faber Olympica models employ new drivers that have been designed entirely by Sonus faber engineering, including new die-cast baskets that combine rigidity with an ability to remain acoustically transparent.

£ 2,060.40 each

SME M2-12R Tonearm

The The Model M2-12R precision pick-up arm is an extension of our popular Series M2 range offering optimum cartridge choice with minimal tracking error and harmonic distortion associated with a 12 inch arm.

£ 1,998.00 each

Koetsu Black MC Cartridge

For many, the  Koetsu journey starts with the Black Goldline. Its warm and full bodied sound makes it an excellent choice for all genres of music.

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Krell Phantom 111 Preamplifier (SOLD)

Our Ex-Demo Krell Phantom 111 Pre Amplifier. Very little use & boxed as new.

£ 1,298.00 each

Martin Logan Dynamo 1100X Subwoofer

Dynamo 1100X features a 1,300 Watt (peak) amplifier, 12-inch audiophile grade woofer, extensive input options, optional wireless connectivity, control via a Bluetooth app, Anthem Room Correction (ARC®), and user-configurable front- or down-firing design. Dramatic bass detail and attack, superb extension, and room-shaking output ensure a compelling music and home theater experience.

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Transparent Audio Premium AES/EBU Digital Interconnect

Smaller and more flexible than Reference Digital Link, Transparent Premium 110-Ohm Digital Link provides amazingly precise and dependable digital transmission. It shares many technical features with Reference 110-Ohm Digital Link including Teflon dielectric, OFHC solid center conductor, precision twisted balanced conductors, and custom XLRs with gold contacts.

£ 3,400.00 each

Franco Serblin Lignea Floorstanding Loudspeakers

Our Ex-Demonstration pair of Franco Serblin Lignea loudspeakers. Very litle hours on these great speakers. Complete with all original packaging.

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Crystal Cable Ultra Diamond XLR Interconnect

Crystal Cable Ultra Diamond XLR Interconnect

£ 19,998.00 each

Audio Research GS150 Power Amplifier

An amplifier is the workhorse of any system – it is responsible for receiving small signals from a preamplifier or source component, and developing them into larger currents to control a loudspeaker. To that end, the GS150 has been designed to seamlessly integrate into any system and steadfastly perform its task. Challenging source material and difficult speaker loads are met with control and finesse to present a musical landscape of breathtaking proportions.

£ 7,998.00 each

Artesania Exoteryc 3TDT HiFi Support

3 Tier Double Tandem High-End Audio Support Stand (Including 6 Mass Dampers)

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