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EAT B-Sharp Turntable

European Audio Team (E.A.T) announces B-Sharp turntable, with engineered cues taken directly from the company’s award-winning and highly acclaimed C-Major turntable.

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EAT E-Go Tonearm

E.A.T. has joined forces with tonearm wizard Bob Graham to develop the E-Go, a tonearm that extracts the ultimate performance from any cartridge it asked to accommodate.

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Krell Foundation 4k Processor

Krell Industries, LLC, the leader in high performance music and home theater systems, announced Foundation, the latest in a long line of state-of-the-art A/V processors. Featuring the latest digital connectivity, the Foundation also maintains Krell’s exacting standards for analog audio reproduction.

£ 1,420.00 each

Rega Saturn-R CD Player

Brand new, boxed Rega Saturn-R Cd Player. Ordered in for a customer who ended up purchasing a different product.

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Martin Logan Dynamo 700 Subwoofer

Featuring a high-current 300-watt RMS, 600-watt peak amplifier and 10-inch cone driver, the Dynamo 700 delivers deep, tight, effortless bass for home theater or stereo music. Its standard down-firing configuration quickly (and easily!) converts into a front-firing setup for those who prefer a "hidden" installation. Finishing touch a wireless receiver for bass aficionados who prefer a clean, minimalist look in the room, no cables in sight.

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Martin Logan Electromotion Centre Speaker

The powerful EM-ESL C is a high-performance electrostatic center channel loudspeaker. With the exceptional mid-range dynamics of an electrostatic panel, the remarkable details delivered by a Folded Motion Tweeter, and the addition of a newly-designed CenterForce dual woofer system, the most surprising thing about the EM-ESL C isn’t its superior performance. It’s that the EM-ESL C is compact enough to fit easily into today’s most popular A/V furniture. With the EM-ESL C electrostatic center channel loudspeaker, you can match the acoustic signature of your ElectroMotion Series speakers and build a truly astounding home theater system.

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Metronome Music Center 1 Music Server

As one of the specialists of digital sources, Metronome coulndt’ stay apart of the great adventure of high-resolution music, and create their audiophilemusic server.

£ 4,999.00 each

PS Audio P10 Power Plant

The largest and most advanced high-end personal power generating station in the world. Capable of powering any size system with pure sine wave power, no other product comes close to a P10′s ability to bring forth all that's possible from your system and ensures you get the same great performance every time.

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Franco Serblin Lignea Loudspeakers

After three years of research and development, LIGNEA, one of the last projects conceived by Franco Serblin, has become a reality. 

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Franco Serblin Accordo Loudspeakers

Another fabulous loudspeaker from this famous designer, I think it will be rude to discuss money where these loudspeakers are involved.

Italian style and flair at it's best.

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Crystal Cable Absolute Dream XLR Interconnect

Crystal Cable Absolute Dream XLR Interconnect

£ 450.00 each

Grado RS1i Headphones

Recently found languishing in the warehouse are these great headphones, virtually unused from new and boxed.

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