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Guildford Audio Products
£ 3,100.00 each

Audio Research Reference 110 Power Amplifier (KT120)

Recently traded in and in great condition. Complete with original packaging.

£ 500.00 each

Nad M15 Processor

Our Ex-Demo Nad M15 Processor. Very little use, boxed as new.

£ 28,500.00 each

Dan D'Agostino Momentum Super Analogue Pre Amp

Rcently traded in and in Immaculate, boxed as new condition. Originally sold by us in April 2015.

Current retail price: £42,000

£ 2,350.00 each

Transparent Audio Ultra XLR MM2 Interconnect (20ft)

Our Ex-Demo Transparent Audio Ultra XLR MM2 Interconnects. 20ft pair. Boxed.

£ 648.00 each

Martin Logan Dynamo 600X Subwoofer

  • 10-inch inverted surround poly cone woofer
  • 240 Watts (peak) amplifier
  • Low-turbulance, ported design
  • Digital control system via smartphone app
  • Anthem Room Correction (ARC®) via smartphone app or PC
  • RCA and speaker level inputs
  • SWT-X Wireless Receiver & Transmitter (sold separately) 
£ 2,200.00 each

Proac D20R Floorstanding Speakers (Rosewood)

Recently traded in and in fantastic boxed as new condition.

Call 01483 537577 for Price

Crystal Cable Ultra Diamond AES/EBU Digital Interconnect

Crystal Cable Ultra Diamond AES/EBU Digital Interconnect

£ 13,998.00 each

Audio Research Reference 150SE Power Amplifier

Simply put, the REF150 SE is a breakthrough in stereo power amplification. Replacing the REF150 which was one of the most respected modern stereo amplifiers, was a daunting task, but it has been accomplished.

£ 14,498.00 each

Audio Research GS Pre Pre Amplifier

The GSPre is the nerve center of a system – not only directing signals and providing attenuation, but also interpreting and deciphering complex signals to create a musical story with the drama and intrigue befitting your favorite songs.

£ 28,998.00 each

Audio Research Reference Phono 10 Phono Stage

Vinyl record playback has been an integral part of Audio Research since our founding in 1970. Think back to the great phono stages built into the defining preamplifiers of their day, among them the SP3, SP6, SP8, SP10, and SP11. Even after the introduction of the compact disc in 1982, phono sections remained a revered part of our preamplifiers. The first Audio Research phono preamplifier in a separate chassis was introduced in 1992.

£ 12,998.00 each

Audio Research Reference 6 Preamplifier

Almost since the inception of the brand, Audio Research has produced some of the finest components for music reproduction; this is especially true with regard to preamplifiers. In 1973, the SP3 was hailed as the best preamplifier available, and this tradition of excellence has continued ever since. The Reference Series from Audio Research was first introduced in 1995 and has been the ultimate representation of performance, musicality and power. The Reference 6 is the latest chapter of our story.

£ 4,198.00 each

Artesania Prestige 4 Tier HiFi Support

4 Tier High-End Audio Support Stand (Including 3 Mass Dampers)

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