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Guildford Audio Products
£ 17,998.00 each

Martin Logan Expression ESL 13A Loudspeakers

The Expression ESL 13A is part of the Masterpiece Series. It features a dual 10-inch woofer system with ARC-honed performance, for perfectly blended low-frequency response. The groundbreaking integration of this woofer array with MartinLogan’s signature 13-inch wide XStat CLS Transducer, coupled with a powerful dual amplifier section, delivers an expressive and dynamic audio experience, with less coloration. It reveals the pure emotional impact of your audio.

£ 9,499.00 each

Martin Logan Illusion ESL C34A Centre Speaker

Masters of the Illusionist school of art perfected trompe-l’oeil, employing painting techniques that mimicked actual objects so vividly that “Illusionism” blurred the boundaries between art and reality.

This kind of illusion is the goal of any loudspeaker, especially a center channel speaker—the most important speaker in a multi-channel audio system. It is tasked with reproducing the most important audio information for imaging and realism: cinematic dialogue, anchoring effects, and a large portion of the front sound stage. It is fitting, then, that we introduce our new Masterpiece Series center channel loudspeaker, the Illusion ESL C34A.

£ 2,348.00 each

Koetsu Red T MC Cartridge

The Rosewood Standard and Signature are very similar in construction.

Electrically, the Signature offers a more closely matched core and coil set.

£ 1,700.00 each

Sugden Masterclass HA-4 Headphone Amplifier

The HA-4 is not only a state of the art class A headphone amplifier, it can also be used as a compact high-end pre-amplifier. The design is similar to our top of the range Sapphire DAP-800 and will drive any dynamic headphone. Featuring Sugden VCV circuit and coupled to a pure class A zero feedback mosfet output stage. The HA-4 is unconditionally load stable with a discrete constant voltage series power supply. A high input impedance ensures absolute minimal loss of signal with perfect current gain.

£ 7,500.00 each

PS Audio P15 Mains Regenerator

Purify, protect, regulate, and rebuild unrestricted new power from old. The DirectStream P15 Power Plant is the gold standard for safety, reliability, and high-performance AC power regeneration. The P15 improves micro and macro dynamics, audio purity, instrumental separation, soundstage width and depth, and lowers background noise for any connected equipment.

£ 2,415.00 each

Harbeth P3esr 40th Anniversary Loudspeakers

40th Anniversary edition of the already amazing Harbeth P3esr loudspeakers. Finished in an Olive wood veneer. Simply stunning!!

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Wadia M330 Media Server

The Wadia m330 media server gives you access to all your locally stored and internet based digital music in a single, easy to use device. A 1TB internal hard drive offers local storage for a large music library, while USB and eSata ports allow for additional external drives to be connected. Interfaces to popular streaming services such as Pandora, SiriusXM, Spotify, Rhapsody, TIDAL and TuneIn are included (subscriptions may be required); additional services may be added in the future.

£ 2,600.00 each

Musical Fidelity AMS35i Integrated Amplifier (SOLD)

Recently traded in Musical Fidelity AMS35i integrated amplifier. Complete with box, all internals and remote control. Fantastic sounding amp at a great price.

£ 898.00 each

Martin Logan Dynamo 800X Subwoofer

Dynamo 800X features a 600 Watt (peak) amplifier, 10-inch audiophile grade woofer, extensive input options, optional wireless connectivity, control via a Bluetooth app, Anthem Room Correction (ARC®), and user-configurable front- or down-firing design. Dramatic bass detail and attack, superb extension, and room-shaking output ensure a compelling music and home theater experience.

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Crystal Cable Ultra Diamond RCA Digital Interconnect

Crystal Cable Ultra Diamond RCA Digital Interconnect

£ 7,998.00 each

Audio Research VT80-i Power Amplifier

The new VT80 is the much-anticipated amplifier that finally allows the Foundation series to be shown as a complete system. Combining an enticing new esthetic with worry-free operation and great audio performance, the VT80 is a vacuum-tube amplifier that will open doors to a new customer base. 

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