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Martin Logan Dynamo 1000 Subwoofer

True high-end performance. Home-friendly aesthetics. And power, lots of power! In a nutshell, that's the incredible Dynamo 1000 subwoofer. Dramatic bass detail and bass attack, superb extension and room-shaking output ensure a music and home theater experience like no other subwoofer in its class can deliver. Features include a 500-watt RMS, 1,000-watt peak amplifier and 12-inch cone driver. Its standard down-firing configuration quickly (and easily!) converts into a front-firing configuration, ideal for discrete installations.Finishing touch a wireless receiver for a 'cable-less' environment. Built-In Wireless Receiver offers Extreme Placement Flexibility! Although correct placement plays a key role in optimizing subwoofer performance, sometimes it imposes the inconvenience (not to mention unsightliness!) of running long lengths of cable through walls, along baseboards or under floors and carpets.

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Martin Logan Illusion ESL C34A Centre Speaker

Masters of the Illusionist school of art perfected trompe-l’oeil, employing painting techniques that mimicked actual objects so vividly that “Illusionism” blurred the boundaries between art and reality.

This kind of illusion is the goal of any loudspeaker, especially a center channel speaker—the most important speaker in a multi-channel audio system. It is tasked with reproducing the most important audio information for imaging and realism: cinematic dialogue, anchoring effects, and a large portion of the front sound stage. It is fitting, then, that we introduce our new Masterpiece Series center channel loudspeaker, the Illusion ESL C34A.

£ 450.00 each

PS Audio Dectet Power Centre

The Dectet Power Center is built to power and fully protect your entire system with improved dynamics, increased harmonic integrity and an open spacious soundstage that can be breathtaking.

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Koetsu Red T MC Cartridge

The Rosewood Standard and Signature are very similar in construction.

Electrically, the Signature offers a more closely matched core and coil set.

£ 600.00 each

Copland CSA 14 Integrated Amplifier

Recently traded in and in fantastic condition. With original box.

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Wadia M330 Media Server

The Wadia m330 media server gives you access to all your locally stored and internet based digital music in a single, easy to use device. A 1TB internal hard drive offers local storage for a large music library, while USB and eSata ports allow for additional external drives to be connected. Interfaces to popular streaming services such as Pandora, SiriusXM, Spotify, Rhapsody, TIDAL and TuneIn are included (subscriptions may be required); additional services may be added in the future.

£ 400.00 each

Transparent Audio Musicwave Plus MM2 8ft Speaker Cables (S-S)

Our Ex-Demo Transparent Audio Musicwave Plus MM2 speaker cables. 8ft pair, with extremely little use. Boxed as new.

£ 50.00 each

Isotek 1.6mtr High Performance Power Cable (20 amp IEC)

Isotek High Performance 1.6mtr Power Cable. 20 amp IEC.

£ 350.00 each

Wadia 151 PowerDAC

Recently traded in and in fantastic condition. Boxed with accessories.

£ 8,500.00 each

Constellation Audio Inspiration Preamp 1.0

Our Ex Demo Constellation Audio Inspiration Pre 1.0. Great condition. Boxed as new.

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Nad M15HD A/V Processor (SOLD)

Selling on behalf of a valued customer. Boxed with accessories.

£ 2,200.00 each

Proac D20R Floorstanding Speakers (Rosewood)

Recently traded in and in fantastic boxed as new condition.

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