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Power Amplifiers

£ 64,998.00 each

Constellation Audio Centaur 11 500 Stereo Power Amplifier

Building on the successful introduction of the Centaur II stereo and mono amplifiers last year, and benefitting from the research and development used to create the Reference Series Hercules II amplifiers, this new amplifier satisfies the demand for a more powerful Performance Series amplifier. Products of the Constellation Audio “dream team,” the Centaur II 500 Stereo delivers outstanding audio performance across the entire musical range and regardless of the type of music.

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Constellation Audio Hercules 11 Mono Power Amplifier

When one of America’s best-known audio reviewers described our original Hercules amplifier, along with our Altair preamp, as “the most transparent, detailed, and cleanest electronics I’ve heard,” we knew our “dream team” of top audio engineers and industrial designers had achieved its goal: to create the world’s best amplifier.

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Constellation Audio Hercules 11 Stereo Power Amplifier

The horizontal format of the Hercules II amplifier made it practical to create a stereo version—an amplifier in the same chassis as the Hercules II Mono, with the same effortless, extraordinary sound, but with two 500-watt channels instead of a single 1,000-watt channel. The Hercules II Stereo uses exactly the same circuit as the Hercules II Mono and the original Hercules. The same circuit that inspired a leading reviewer to describe our original Hercules amplifier and Altair preamp as “the most transparent, detailed, and cleanest electronics I’ve heard.” The Hercules II Stereo cannot quite match the dynamics of the Hercules II Mono, but the fundamental sound quality is the same.

The Stereo benefits from the same upgrades we made to the Mono. The power supply features substantially larger storage capacitors, to deliver cleaner DC power and more headroom on loud peaks. The pure copper bus bars used for the speaker outputs and power supply rails are twice the size of those in the original Hercules. Both of these improvements allow the Hercules II Stereo to perform even better with low-impedance speakers.

£ 15,998.00 each

Dan D'Agostino Classic Stereo Power Amplifier

The Classic Stereo is the most cost-effective way to experience the incomparable sound quality of Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems. Its core technologies are heavily based on the design of D'Agostino's acclaimed Momentum amplifiers. The sound combines the immense power and current needed to drive even the most exotic speakers with a subtle, sweet musicality normally associated with much smaller amplifiers. With the Classic Stereo, there is no need to worry about finding the right amplifier for your speakers...because the Classic Stereo is the right amplifier, no matter what speakers you own.

£ 38,998.00 each

Dan D'Agostino Momentum 400 Mono Power Amplifier

The Momentum amplifier helped launch Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems and delivered magnificently on the initial design goals of formidable power and incomparable finesse from a compact chassis. Chief Engineer and Designer Dan D'Agostino started an engineering exercise that resulted in an exciting new breakthrough that D'Agostino felt compelled to include in the Momentum amplifier. This research led to the substantial improvements included the new Momentum M400.

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Dan D'Agostino Relentless Monoblock Power Amplifier

Dan D’Agostino has always had a relentless desire to better his own creations, no matter how flawless they may seem. The Relentless Monoblock amplifier is the latest manifestation of that passion, the result of Dan’s desire for an amplifier that maintains its harmonic integrity and expansive soundstage from 0 watts to 1,500 watts. An amplifier so powerful it can drive any speaker to its best possible performance, no matter how demanding the load it may present.

£ 39,998.00 each

Dan D'Agostino Momentum Stereo Power Amplifier

The Momentum stereo amplifier carries the same unique technologies that inspired one reviewer to say of the original Momentum monoblock, “It may, perhaps, be the best amplifier on the planet.” Solid copper venturi heat sinks provide efficient cooling while reducing the amplifier’s size. A highly efficient power supply reduces energy consumption to less than 1 watt at standby. High-speed transistors and rugged through-hole construction assure outstanding fidelity and reliability.

£ 23,498.00 each

Dan D'Agostino Progression Mono Power Amplifier

THE PROGRESSION MONO DESIGN combines two normally exclusive traits—remarkable power output and exquisite musical finesse. Power is essential to realistic sound reproduction. The Progression mono amplifier is the largest and most powerful the company has made, delivering 500 watts into 8 ohms, doubling to 1,000 watts into 4 ohms and doubling again to 2,000 watts into 2 ohms. Of course, it will play loud, but it is speaker driver control that is the most important aspect of this awesome power capability.

£ 24,998.00 each

Dan D'Agostino Progression Stereo Power Amplifier

The Progression Stereo Amplifier extends the Progression family with a potent stereo amplifier. Leveraging our innovative Super Rail circuitry, first unveiled in the Progression Mono, the Progression Stereo amplifier exploits this unique technology delivering remarkable control and fidelity to any connected loudspeaker.

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darTZeel NHB-458 Mono Power Amplifier

With the final darTZeel NHB-458, it sets a new standard: after nine years of constant research and continuous development, this amplifier, not only it owns all the qualities of the NHB-108, already acclaimed by the whole audiophile world, but it goes further in revealing a very special machine in every respect.

£ 4,696.80 each

EAR Yoshino 534 Power Amplifier

A Push-pull power amplifier with 50 watts per channel stereo utilising eight EL34 (four per channel) into 4, 8 and 16 ohms. Self-biasing operations with balanced or unbalanced inputs. Chrome facia.

£ 5,881.20 each

EAR Yoshino 890 Power Amplifier

The 800 series of amplifiers from EAR has received widespread and consistent acclaim from users and reviewers the world over. However, feedback from some quarters suggested that there was a need for an amplifier with similar sonic prowess but just a little more power.

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