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Standmount Speakers

£ 22,998.00 each

Wilson Audio Duette Series 2 Loudspeakers

With traditional loudspeaker designs, near-boundary placements wreak havoc on the performance characteristics audiophiles most prize. The soundstage collapses, dynamics are compromised, and a smooth, linear frequency response becomes a distant memory.

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Wilson Audio Tune Tot Loudspeakers

Special Applications Engineering is a part of the founding DNA of Wilson Audio. The first product to fit that definition was the Wilson Audio Tiny Tot, or WATT®. Long before it became the upper module of the venerable WATT/Puppy® combo (the best-selling over $10k loudspeaker in audio history), Dave Wilson utilized the WATT as a portable location monitor for the series of audiophile-quality records he engineered in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Recordings revered to this day, and currently available on the Wilson Audiophile label.

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