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Revox Scala 120 Loudspeakers

The Scala 120 is a best-in-class product, combining a sensational design with a pinnacle of listening pleasure. ...Read more

The Scala 120 is a best-in-class product, combining a sensational design with a pinnacle of listening pleasure.

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With the Scala 120 Revox is presenting a completely newly created speaker design. The goal was to develop a never previously seen design, which could be integrated both into ultra-modern and into classically styled living rooms. Identifying the right design has taken several years.

In terms of colours, Revox has gone for a classic black or elegant silver/anthracite housing with a black grille. The colour selection makes a clear statement and underlines the wonderful shape of the speaker. If you are looking for something more understated, the Scala 120 is also available in a completely white outfit. The speaker is characterised principally by its uncomplicated design. 

A passion for detail is also revealed in the high quality glass foot, in black or white, to match the colour of the speaker. The corners have been given a radius that blends in with the overall appearance. As a result, the actual speaker appears as if it is floating.

The Scala 120 is a 2.5-way bass reflex speaker system with a transmission range from 40 Hz to 30 kHz. With a nominal impedance of 4 ohm, the Scala generates a mean sound pressure of 88 dB. The rated load capacity is 120 W and if required, can have pulse peaks of up to 150 W. Revox recommends the use of an amplifier with performance levels of between 60 and 150 W. In particular, we recommend the Revox Joy S119 network receiver with 2 x 60 W output performance.

Four 90 mm aluminium chassis are deployed in the Scala for the low to mid-range tones. While two of these chassis are planned to be used exclusively for the bass range, the other two chassis operate across the complete scale of bass and mid-range tones. The result is that the Scala not only reproduces the mid-range tones cleanly, it can also play the bass notes powerfully and accurately. The four chassis are complemented by a 30 mm fabric calotte tweeter that reproduces the high frequencies in a very precise way. 

You really should experience the complete sound picture of the Scala by visiting your nearest specialist dealer. With its wonderful warmth, the Scala 120 is a joy to listen to even over longer periods and at lower volume levels. This excellent low volume behaviour characteristic of Revox speakers is down to the development of the chassis. Here, great value is placed on the use of minimal movement resistance in the chassis, which greatly influences the behaviour at low volume levels.

Dimensions of housing (H x W x D) 1215 x 128 x 187 mm
Dimensions of base (H x W x D) 12 x 250 x 250 mm
Weight 12 kg
Woofer and Midrange 4 x 90 mm / 3.5 in.
Tweeter 30 mm / 1.2in. Soft-Dome
Power capacity 120 / 150 Watts
Frequency range (IEC) 40 Hz - 30 kHz
Sensitivity 88 dB (2.83V,1m)
Nominal impedance 4 Ohms
Recommended power of amplifier 60 W - 160 W (undistorted signal)