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SME Model 20/12A Turntable

Complete with matching SME pick-up arm.

Complete with matching SME pick-up arm.

Manufacturer Site Link: SME Model 20/12A

Brand: SMESME £ 18,060.00 each

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Complete with matching SME pick-up arm.

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  • Dimensions: 520 x 375 x 173.5mm.
  • Packing: Substantial case.
  • Net weight with power supply: 35.5kg (78lb)
  • Shipping weight approximately: 45.5kg (100lb)
  • Stable four point suspension.
  • Sub-chasis suspended on eighty strands of rubber in the form of forty purpose moulded ‘O’-rings.
  • Trimming screws for suspension adjustment.
  • Central fluid damper controls sub-chassis motion and offers resistive ground-path for acoustic signals.
  • For transport lock down screws secure the sub-chassis and seal the damper.
  • 19mm diameter main spindle machined from high-chrome steel hardened, ground and super finished. Runs in a sealed oil bath.
  • Reflex clamping system minimises record resonance.
  • 6.5Kg (14.3lb) machined platter with unique Isodamp face.
  • Generous use of extensional damping and resistive loop construction ensure sonic neutrality.
  • Adjustable ball feet with optional compliant inserts.
  • Four jacking screws built into the sub-platter allow the thrust bearing to be off loaded for transit.
  • Driven by a 3-phase, 6 pulse, inductance motor, with 8 pole Neodymium magnets and 3 integrated Hall position sensors.
  • The power supply houses an electronic controller using a high performance microcomputer, optimised for motor control. Closed loop speed control is implemented using a pseudo sine wave commutation sequence and a proportional-plus-integral (PI) algorithm.
  • New design incorporates a 4 layer surface mount technology pcb with on-board user adjustable speed variation control.
  • Large diameter strobe disc supplied allows precise adjustment of standard speeds.
  • Speeds ranges: 33.3, 45 and 78 rpm.