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As a long-term purchaser and devotee of Hi-Fi, I have long felt that the industry and press are guilty of taking advantage of the general public, in particular that breed of individual - usually male (although not exclusively) who is seeking that elusive upgrade to make his system sound like the one his mate has or the shop has demonstrated. Remember, the shop has had plenty of experience in showing off a system’s good points, and the salesman will always tell you about the systems weak points - won't he?             

Being an engineer and understanding many of the principles involved in achieving good sound reproduction, I find it fascinating that people will believe that putting a different kind of cable here, or a bit of sticky tin foil there, will miraculously transform the system into the one they have dreamed of - not a chance in hell.

The bottom line is that to achieve acceptable sound reproduction ALL the bits of the system have to be of a certain quality - but don't forget what one person likes may not be what another will tolerate, and spending money is not always a guarantee of good sound quality. Let’s not forget of course the effects of room acoustics.

As a young lad I used to read magazines until I knew every word in them and lived for the trip around the local store - let me save you years of expensive mistakes and buying magazines - use common sense and your ears - the local dealer is usually trying to sell you only what he stocks, using your eagerness to take home the new shiny bit of kit to persuade you to part with the money – not very difficult – the fact you walked into his shop means you want, and usually can afford, to spend money.

I ask you, how many times has a Hi-Fi dealer recommended a competitor’s store, as he cannot provide you with what you require?

Anyway, to come to the point, the products you will find in this site will all provide you with a quality of sound that will be satisfying and rewarding, don't take my word     for it, give me a ring and arrange to come over and have a listen. If you wish to bring over some components to try something out, with then I will be happy to oblige, providing it is a viable test.

            I look forward to hearing from you.