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£ 4,328.40 each

EAR Yoshino 324 Phono Stage

One of the few transistor based designs of Tim de Paravicini, the EAR 324 is a high grade phonostage worthy to be in the EAR lineup. Both Moving coil and moving magnet capability designed to handle a wide range of cartridges.

£ 10,863.60 each

EAR Yoshino 509 Mono Power Amplifiers

Tim de Paravicini designed the EAR 509s with industrial grade components for reliability and performance. Built to handle the demands of professional audio environments, we added the option for it to be equipped with balanced inputs for those -professional applications.

£ 4,696.80 each

EAR Yoshino 534 Power Amplifier

A Push-pull power amplifier with 50 watts per channel stereo utilising eight EL34 (four per channel) into 4, 8 and 16 ohms. Self-biasing operations with balanced or unbalanced inputs. Chrome facia.

£ 4,492.80 each

EAR Yoshino 834 Integrated Amplifier

Push-pull stereo integrated amplifier. 50 Watts per channel into 4, 8, or 16 Ohms. Uses 6L6, EL34, or KT66 output tubes. Self-biasing. Six line inputs and one tape output. 50 Watts/Channel

£ 1,838.40 each

EAR Yoshino 834 Phono Stage

Ultra-compact high performing valve phonostage. Its simple and versatile design allows for easy setup with stunning performance. Moving Magnet capable as standard with Moving coil step-up optional. Available in black or chrome facia.

Three ECC83 Valves (13D16) ,Moving Magnet Standard , Moving Coil Optional , Volume/Gain control option , Standard Black or Deluxe Chrome Facia

£ 2,001.60 each

EAR Yoshino 834l Pre Amplifier

Incredibly compact valve pre-amplifier for analogue line level. Using three ECC88s to create smooth sound. Luxurious design with chrome facia and gold or chrome knobs. Connect up to five analogue line inputs with a tape output.

£ 4,063.20 each

EAR Yoshino 868 Pre Amplifier

Engineered on the same core technologies as the studio grade brother, the EAR 912. The EAR 868’s smaller size may mean theres less of it but there’s nothing less to it. It’s still big on performance with circuitry designed by Tim de Paravicini. The 868 utilises the same reliable PCC88s in a configuration of four.

£ 4,819.20 each

EAR Yoshino 869 Integrated Amplifier

Enhanced triode mode integrated amplifier. Building on the success of the EAR 859 with increase power output and better control of operating conditions irrespective of valve parameters and age.

£ 4,120.80 each

EAR Yoshino 88PB Phono Stage

Full featured dedicated phonostage with two inputs catering for the vinyl enthusiast with multiple turntables or arms. With both Moving coil and moving magnet capability as standard, its designed to handle a wide range of cartridges.

£ 5,881.20 each

EAR Yoshino 890 Power Amplifier

The 800 series of amplifiers from EAR has received widespread and consistent acclaim from users and reviewers the world over. However, feedback from some quarters suggested that there was a need for an amplifier with similar sonic prowess but just a little more power.

£ 9,369.60 each

EAR Yoshino 912 Pre Amplifier

The EAR 912 is a culmination of Tim de Paravicini’s work with professional studios. Specifically designed for playback in studios, inheriting the product a rich feature set in addition to its high grade sound.

£ 3,120.00 each

EAR Yoshino Acute 4 CD/SACD Transport

The EAR Acute 4 brings the next generation of audio optical disc, Super Audio CD. Complementing the extensive library available with CDs, SACDs provide higher detail recordings to the listener allowing for the best possible experience.

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