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Guildford Audio Products
£ 400.00 each

Harmonic Technology Pro 9 Speaker Cable (2.5mtr pair)

Recently traded in, we have a pair of Harmonic Technology Pro 9 Speaker Cables. They are a 2.5mtr pair, in great condition and terminated with plugs both ends.

£ 19,998.00 each

Audio Research GS150 Power Amplifier

An amplifier is the workhorse of any system – it is responsible for receiving small signals from a preamplifier or source component, and developing them into larger currents to control a loudspeaker. To that end, the GS150 has been designed to seamlessly integrate into any system and steadfastly perform its task. Challenging source material and difficult speaker loads are met with control and finesse to present a musical landscape of breathtaking proportions.

£ 4,998.00 each

Artesania Exoteryc 3 Tier HiFi Support

3 Tier High-End Audio Support Stand (Including 3 Mass Dampers)

£ 21,998.00 each

Constellation Audio Andromeda Phono Stage

The Revelation Series bridges a gap in the Constellation Audio product hierarchy. Building on the Inspiration tradition and offering improved performance due to the use of carefully selected parts, the Revelation Series is a logical step up from Inspiration. Its distinctively Constellation casework design draws upon the heritage of the Reference Series and extends the foundation first used in Inspiration.

£ 31,998.00 each

Constellation Audio Argo Integrated Amplifier

With the addition of several new features and connections, the Argo is almost an entertainment system unto itself. It accommodates four analog audio sources (two XLR, two RCA). Two slots in the back accommodate optional USB digital-to-analog converter and phono preamp modules. Simply connect a pair of speakers and you have a complete music system. Or plug in a set of headphones and enjoy the sound of the Argo on a more intimate scale. All told, the Argo is something quite unprecedented in high-end audio: the incomparable quality of Constellation Audio, with the convenience of an A/V receiver.

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dCS Rossini CD/Network Media Player

The new dCS Rossini Player makes superlative sounding music from a wide range of digital sources, simply integrating your digital music and setting the performance standard for digital playback.

£ 6,900.00 each

EAT Forte Turntable

A massive machine that gets the best out of your vynil. Separate Sub Chassis and a mass loaded turntable gives us the best of both worlds.

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Wilson Audio Sophia 3 Loudspeakers (Carmen Red) SOLD

Recently traded in these Wilson Audio Sophia 3 Loudspeakers are in great condition. Finished in Carmen Red (With Extra Flake) they look as stunning as they sound.

As an authorised Wilson Audio Dealer these speakers will come with full warranty.

£ 2,695.00 each

Harbeth C7-ES3 Loudspeakers

Whatever you ask of the Compact 7ES-3, it always delivers: perfectly. The clarity is spellbinding and brings the magic carpet ride experience to the listening room in a medium-sized enclosure.

£ 9,998.00 each

Krell Chorus 5200 Multi Channel Power Amplifier

At the International CES Expo in Las Vegas, Krell introduced the most revolutionary design change in its 33-year history: iBias™, a patent-pending new technology that uses the Class A circuitry preferred by audiophiles yet consumes far less energy than a traditional Class A amplifier does. Because iBias technology eliminates crossover distortion, it allows the low-level details, subtleties and spatiality of music to come through exactly as they do in a traditional Class A amplifier. Yet iBias also allows these new amplifiers to produce the nearly limitless dynamics that is the hallmark of Krell’s sound. Class A amplifiers have always been the preferred choice of audiophiles, and they’ve been a hallmark of Krell engineering for decades,” Bill McKiegan, president of Krell Industries, said. “But concerns about energy consumption have reduced some of the enthusiasm for Class A.

£ 25,998.00 each

Martin Logan Renaissance ESL 15a Loudspeakers

What makes a masterpiece? Is the “Mona Lisa” just a picture of a woman smiling, or is there more to it?

We consider something a masterpiece when uncommon skill and artistry shapes familiar elements in an unexpected way, revealing an essential truth.

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Kalista Ultimate CD Transport

The metronome Kalista represents the ulitmate performance that can be achieved in CD playback It is to the CD world what the continumm Claiburn systems is tothe analogue world. An ideal platform to consolidate the huge universe of CD and to start collecting seriously.

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