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Stirling Broadcast AB2 Bass Extender

Drawing on decades of experience of loudspeaker design starting in the 1970s when he worked for the BBC, Derek Hughes designed the Stirling Broadcast AB-2 Bass Extender to seamlessly integrate with all versions of the legendry LS3/5A including both the classic 15 ohm and 11 ohm. When used with the Stirling Broadcast BBC licensed LS3/5A V2 (shown in the photograph above) it makes an exceptional musical partnership.

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Stirling Broadcast LS3/5A V2 Loudspeakers

ntroducing the new Stirling Broadcast BBC LS3/5a V2, designed by Stirling Broadcast to meet the exacting requirements of the BBC LS3/5a specification. This version utilises the new Stirling SB4424 and SB4428 drivers with a very hi-grade "SuperSpec" crossover, all housed in thin-walled "Reference" cabinets that are modelled after the famous 001/002 pair featured in Hi-Fi News. The legendary sonic character of the original LS3/5a has been retained, with the new model having the added benefit of a 5 year warranty and the assurance of the future availability of spare parts.

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Stirling Broadcast LS3/6 Loudspeakers

Built under license from the BBC, the Stirling Broadcast LS3/6 Reference Loudspeaker is a 3-way design by Derek Hughes. Using modern components he has designed the Stirling Broadcast LS3/6 so it remains faithful to the original BBC specification and much loved sound, while offering greater power-handling than the original, an even smoother frequency response, much lower colouration and better dispersion.

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Stirling Broadcast SB88 Loudspeakers

nspired by the success of our BBC LS3/6, the Stirling Broadcast SB-88 is a two-way loudspeaker designed by Derek Hughes. It draws on his decades of experience in reference quality loudspeaker design which began with his work for the BBC in the 1970s. Derek's design has retained the essential character of the LS3/6 by using the same low and high frequency custom drive units and a special high quality crossover. The SB-88 cabinets use the same thin wall 9mm birch plywood as used in our acclaimed LS3/6 and LS3/5a V2 loudspeakers. Double thickness rubber pads dampen cabinet wall resonances and acoustic foam controls internal standing waves.

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