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£ 13,500.00

Jadis DA-88S Integrated Amplifier

The DA88 uses twice more power tubes and is able to supply twice more power than the DA50. It can accept KT88, KT90, KT120 but also 6550 . This lovely amplifier is appreciated by many audiophiles all around the world. An optional remote control can also be added.

£ 7,298.00

Jadis I-35 Integrated Amplifier

The Jadis I35 integrates both active preamplifier and amplifier which bring high musicality. It delivers 30 watts in pure classe A. Moreover, remote controller can be added on demand.

£ 9,998.00

Jadis I-50 Integrated Amplifier

It has been widely thought since the 1980s, that tube technology is a thing of the past, obsolete even. However, at Jadis we are keeping this technology alive because it reproduces the best quality sound. Although tube manufacturers may be few and far between today, those left are still innovating and offering us new tubes.

£ 14,998.00

Jadis I-88 Integrated Amplifier

The Jadis I88 is designed around a double push-pull of KT150. It bring about 90W in pure class A. Including a remote control and an USB input to enjoy the music from your Pc or Mac.

£ 12,500.00

Jadis JA-120 Mono Power Amplifier

These amplifiers work in "push-pull" configuration, triples load and autobias.
They can work with various types of penthodes: KT120, KT90, KT88, 6550, 6CA7 or EL34.

A balanced version is also available.

£ 15,998.00

Jadis JA-200 MK11 Mono Power Amplifier

Based on the same general design as the JA80, this masterpiece of equipment offers the same sound quality with an unbelievable capability to drive the most difficult existing loads.

Capable of 160 watts per channel in pure Class A and 200W with the KT150, its unique power capability and dynamic behaviour are combined for the first time in vacuum-tube amplifier history, with the ultra low distortion and transparency of the best low-power exotic Class A designs.

£ 5,498.00

Jadis JA-30 MK11 Mono Power Amplifier

This dual mono up to 45 watts in pure class A amplifier incorportes all the unique technical and sonic innovations which have propelled its predecessors into audio legend. 

The MkII version allows the use of the KT150 new pentode tube. 

£ 9,500.00

Jadis JA-80 Mk11 Mono Power Amplifier

The JA80 is a power amplifier working in pure class A. It is the first amplifier created by the JADIS in 1983; it has been upgraded several times but remains the flagship of the brand.

£ 3,998.00

Jadis Orchestra Ref Integrated Amplifier

The Orchestra displays stainless steel chassis with tubes mounted on ceramic sockets with golden pins. It has 4 EL34 tubes mounted in push-pull which are driven by 2 ECC83. 

Results 1 - 9 of 9