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£ 35,998.00 each

TechDAS Airforce 2 Turntable (Ex-Demo)

The TechDAS team has met with demands from many of our customers, which has resulted in the development of Air Force Two, a unit that retains an almost equal performance to Air Force One. The largest factor that has led to such a price cut is a change in the manufacturing measure from Air Force One, which was originally constructed by machining the body through a process of metal cutting, while in Air Force Two, the chassis body has been beautifully made through precision metal casting techniques. As a result of the combination of both the aluminum cast chassis and the newly developed oil damping air suspension system, the same level of vibration isolation has been achieved as in the Air Force One.

£ 850.00 each

Michell Tecnodec Turntable (SOLD)

This turntable has been traded in to us and is in great condition. Complete with Rega arm, Ortofon 2M Blue Cartridge, Record Clamp & SEcure Cover.

The TecnoDec is our entry level turntable and it shares many features developed for its bigger brother the GyroDec. Such as a vibration dampening impedance matched platter, inverted oil circulating main bearing and a free standing motor unit. The TecnoDec is an unsuspended turntable that utilises technologies and materials only found in much more expensive turntables, to perform well above its price point.

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