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Stradivari Audio Amorat Loudspeakers

The Amorat speaker has a natural sound, depth and tight bass, full tone, a very detailed and a fine example! Beautiful voice output. Sparkling, pure high, without sharpness. Magnificent overall. Now with new tweeters, designed for Thiel (output on as linear to 40 kHz) and larger bass reflex system, ensuring for a more transparent and fuller sound.

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Stradivari Audio Magnus Loudspeakers

Stradivari Audio Magnus speakers are exceptionally convenient, extremely powerful sound, airy and very natural. No sharpness, beautiful voice output, very transparent speakers , lovely high tone output, an enormous space, magnificent sound, a great fundament of the whole range, A fantastic deep bass output.

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Stradivari Audio Pantera Loudspeakers

Extraordinarily beautiful sound.

The Pantera is the new, sleek, top loudspeaker from Stradivari.

With the superlatives of an extraordinary loudspeaker.

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