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XLR (Balanced) Interconnects

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Transparent Audio Plus XLR Interconnect

Balanced Plus is a true differentially balanced cable with 2 precision balanced networks neatly housed in a single network module. It delivers deeper, tighter bass and suppresses noise more effectively than balanced cables without networks.

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Transparent Audio Reference XLR Interconnect

With its 2 perfectly balanced networks for each channel, your balanced source components will take on a whole new level of "quietness" and dynamic freedom with Reference Balanced Interconnect.

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Transparent Audio Super XLR Interconnect

If you have recently upgraded to high quality balanced components, youll want to connect them with Balanced Super to unleash the full performance of your other components.

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Transparent Audio Ultra XLR Interconnect

Balanced Ultra is designed for high resolution differentially balanced applications. A fully balanced design from cabling through the precisely matched dual networks for each channel, its often the cable of choice for music professionals.

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Transparent Audio XL XLR Interconnect

More precisely calibrated to your balanced source components than Reference Balanced Interconnect, XL Balanced Interconnect will free your system to provide unexpected levels of musical involvement when you turn the lights down low and listen. 

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Yter XLR Interconnect

Conductor in Ag-Pd alloy, three phase melting process in electrostatic balance with no sharp edges, Gaussian shape. Cold extrusion in water bath. Dielectric with high-density polimer.

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