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Metronome Technologie

£ 19,998.00

Metronome AQWO C DAC

c|AQWO becomes in 2019 the new top high-end digital to analog converter of Métronome brand. And of course it keeps the famous switch from solid-state to tube function !

c|AQWO is great amonsts the greats, delivering a sound reproduction with an exceptional sound stage, achieving the performance of having at the same time the details that you audophiles are waiting for but staying warm and musical like analog. The emotion is here !

£ 13,998.00

Metronome AQWO CD/SACD Player & DAC

AQWO was first introduced at the Munich HighEnd Show in May 2018. It is the first SACD player ever developed by Métronome. 
Like all the combos designed by Métronome, AQWO perpetuates the analog sound quality either in playing discs and in digital to analog conversion. The device has got a number of digital inputs and outputs, allowing the use with different sources. The 6.5" large touchscreen is easily readable from a far distance.

£ 19,998.00

Metronome AQWO T Transport

t|AQWO perpetuates the Métronome top high-end Transports tradition. Unlike the previous devices, it reads as well CDs and SACDs, and includes up and down-sampling functionalities !
In order to obtain the best sound reproduction quality, in particular the finest Métronome analog sound, you will preferably combine it to the D/A converter c|AQWO, which has been jointly developed. Of course it will give the best with any other compatible converters, either with classic audio connexions or the HDMI. A big 6.5 inch touchscreen allows a long-distance reading, and a remote is provided !

£ 5,798.00

Metronome Le Dac Digital To Analogue Converter

Le DAC by Métronome is the entry-level converter of the brand since December 2018. Made under the classic design of Métronome, it will comply with the needs of purists in search of a "high-end" sound reproduction with affordable price. Le DAC embeds a AK4493 conversion chip allowing decoding of PCM files up to 384 kHz and DSD up to 512 (DSD x8).

£ 6,200.00

Metronome Le Player 3 + CD Player/ Dac

The Player 3+ is the affordable premium DAC and CD player for all audiophiles, characterized by a fabulous sound reproduction.

The D/A converter part is accessible through the USB or S/P DIF inputs and decodes all audio file formats up to DSD 512.

In its silver or black aluminum livery, the Player 3+ will integrate its premium finish with the greatest elegance.

£ 4,500.00

Metronome Le Player 3 CD Transport

Le Player 3 is the premium CD transport that many audiophiles have been waiting for, with its classic design and high-end sound reproduction.

Without integrated DAC, Le Player 3 reads and can upsample your CDs up to DSD 128, for listening pleasure always at its maximum.

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