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Hi-Fi Supports

£ 1,537.50 each

Lateral Audio Concert Hi-fi Support

Our Ex-Demonstration Rack. In great condition.

As an engineering product designer for leading UK companies, encompassing fields of consumer product vibration and significant structures for aerospace technologies, has inherently influenced the design and details within the LAS-4 Concert and Integral. Coupled with the ideas and needs of an audio enthusiast the product range offers values and features that are tuned to musical audio.  An audio stand profoundly affects the sound of your audio system due to it's vibrational behaviour, and we work very closely with our select partner dealers who understand this, who are equally compelled to seek beautiful audio.

 Designed to maximise the removal of energy, whilst also minimising the energy created by itself,

these are the principles that reduce the mulitplication of frequencies entering the audio components of your system.  
Source, all in one players, amplification components are all sensitive and show considerable improvements when placed on an excellent surface.
Imagine a complete system where vibration enters into esoteric cables and connections which are then ultimately degraded by the sound which they are playing.
£ 562.50 each

Lateral Audio Stands LAS-4 Amp Platform

Our Ex-Demonstration Amp Platform. In Great condition. 2 available.

An amplifier stand offering a good height and an isolated surface to position large amplifiers away from the main stand. 
LAS-4 Amp can be upgraded to Concert.

£ 675.00 each

Lateral Audio LAS-9 Discovery HiFi Rack

Our Ex-Demonstration Lateral Audio LAS-9 Discovery HiFi Rack.

In Great condition.

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