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£ 1,849.00

NovaFidelity X35 All In One Dac/Streamer/Amplifier

The X35 is a highly specified hi-res all-in-one Hi-Fi system, with a premium quality DAC chip and class D power  amplifier built-in. It combines CD ripping, music database with extensive metadata and cover art, music server, DAB+/FM tuner, recording function, comprehensive analogue and digtial connections, network streaming and an intuitive 7 inch screen.The X35 offers everything required for enjoying high resolution audio, just at speakers!

£ 5,299.00

NovaFidelity X45 Pro Streamer & Dac

The X45Pro is designed to be the world's highest performance multi-purpose music player, which functions as a DAC, CD ripper, network streamer, music recorder and much, much more for audiophile users. The X45Pro is equipped with SABRE PRO's Flagship ES9038PRO DAC chip, supporting up to PCM 768Khz sample rates as well as native DSD512, and the OPA627BP precision high-speed operational amplifier. To minimise electrical and idle noise, the power source circuit for the digital and analogue sections are isolated, with the toroidal transformer and SMPS completely shielded by aluminium. The X45Pro enclosure is precisely assembled from beautiful glass-sanded aluminum, which is fabricated by high precision CNC machining. The extensive and varied functions offered by the custom-designed software, developed in-house by Novatron's dedicated R&D department, complete the X45Pro as a superbly executed device for the most decerning of audiophiles.

£ 2,199.00

NovaFidelity X45 Streamer & Reference Dac

Novafidelity's X45 is a leading audiophile network audio player thanks to its symmetrical and asymmetrical connectivity. Featuring a dual DAC ESS Saber 9018K2M compatible up to 32-bit / 384 kHz and with DSD64 / DSD128, the X45 accommodates a large array of media thanks to its built-in CD player along with a sizeable offering of internal hard disk storage. Evolving their legacy X40 model, Novafidelity have this time included a dual DAC, USB-B input, on-board FM and DAB tuner, and a larger 7” LCD display to replace the original 5” screen.

£ 4,299.00

NovaFidelity X50 Pro Pure Digital Streamer

The X50Pro is a reference-class digital source for audiophiles looking to manage any size of hi-res digital music collection, connecting conveniently to external DACs to reproduce flawless and faithful digital audio transmission. The X50Pro is a multi-purpose music server which functions as a media player, CD ripper, network streamer, music recorder and much more for music lovers.

£ 1,899.00

NovaFidelity X50D Pure Digital Streamer

Novafidelity’s X50D is a versatile music server, CD ripper, music library storage unit (up to 16TB) and network streaming device powered by ARM’s Cortex A9 processor and XMOS 32-bit 500MIPS micro controller. All full-range high resolution audio file formats are supported along with MQA, DSD and DXD.

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