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Streaming Devices

£ 9,200.00 each

dCS Bartok Network Dac (Ex Demonstration) (SOLD)

Our Ex-Demonstration dCS Bartok Network Dac. In immaculate condition, boxed as new.

The new dCS Bartók DAC brings together dCS’s past, present and future. It is first and foremost a state of the art network streaming DAC that uses technology developed for the Rossini range.

£ 13,500.00 each

dCS Vivaldi Upsampler/ Network Streamer (SOLD)

Our Ex-Demo Vivaldi Upsampler. In Immaculate condition. boxed as new.

Vivaldi Upsampler is designed to act as the hub of a digital audio system. It will transform your listening experience, taking your music collection to levels you have not heard before.

Operating as a digital-to-digital converter, Vivaldi Upsampler accesses music from any digital source and converts the audio from its native sample rate to either high resolution DXD (24-bit data at 352.8 or 384kS/s), DSD (1-bit data at 2.822MS/s or 5.644MS/s) or standard high resolution PCM (24-bit data up to 192kS/s). The results gained from Vivaldi Upsampler are extraordinary – a more vibrant, three-dimensional, transparent and effortless performance.

£ 9,750.00 each

dCS Vivaldi Clock (Ex-Demo) (SOLD)

Our Ex-Demo dCS Vivaldi Clock. In Immaculate condition, boxed as new.

Vivaldi Master Clock is a powerful yet simple to use Grade 1 master clock based on our pioneering developments in studio and home audio. Featuring two banks of clock outputs capable of outputting different frequencies, Vivaldi Master Clock uses the latest groundbreaking technology from dCS.

In a digital audio system, samples must be accurate in level and time but jitter, which exists in all digital systems, can result in timing errors in these samples, causing the analogue signal to be reconstructed inaccurately.

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