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£ 7,270.00 each

Clearaudio Titanium V2 Moving Coil Cartridge

This exceptional cartridge represents a work of art for the ages: its 95-decibel dynamic range delivers the optimum for current listeners and may well also set a benchmark for future generations.

£ 12,650.00 each

Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement Moving Coil Cartridge

For the first time in a cartridge, the MC Goldfinger Statement features twelve magnets, perfectly matched and symmetrical enabling the system to reach a dynamic range of 100 decibels. For the Clearaudio engineering team this represents the fulfilment of an audiophile dream that seemed long unattainable.

£ 2,420.00 each

DS Audio DS-E1 Cartridge & Equaliser

In common with all DS Audio’s proprietary pick-ups, the DS-E1 employs a derivative of the technology it developed along with Microsoft some 20 years ago – the optical computer mouse.

£ 50,000.00 each

DS Audio Grand Master Cartridge & Equaliser

The Grand Master Cartridge is a completley new design. The Third Generation of DS Audio's optical cartridge features a comprehensivley re-designed optical system that provides the following improvements and benefits.

£ 20,000.00 each

DS Audio Master 1 Cartridge & Equaliser

First, to explain the difference of detection principle between the optical cartridge and MM / MC cartridge.

Both the MM / MC cartridge and the optical cartridge read the record groove through the needle, but the usual MM / MC cartridge detects the music signal by vibrating the magnet (or coil) in the magnetic field.

£ 4,995.00 each

DS Audio DS-003 Cartridge & Equalizer

DS Audio’s DS003 cartridge is the company’s third generation of its unique approach to phono cartridges and borrows on many of the design approaches used in their top of the line Grand Master cartridge. The DS003 features a totally re-designed optical system as well as a line contact stylus at the end of an aluminum cantilever that requires a tracking force of 2.0g~2.2g.

£ 10,420.00 each

DS Audio W2 Cartridge & Equaliser

While the latter DS-W1 cleared the maximum 80μm groove pitch and the most severe +18dB modulation (315Hz lateral cut, re. 11.2μm) at < 1% THD, the Master 1, DS-002 and DS-W2 are secure to +15dB but mistrack at the maximum +18dB groove modulation.

£ 1,698.00 each

EAT Yosegi Cartridge


The more we talk about the mechanical/electrical transducer, the clearer it becomes that the choice of material and its resonance characteristics are audible.

£ 2,298.00 each

EAT Jo No.8 Cartridge

The Jo N°8 high-end performance moving-coil cartridge will extract more from the groove than previously imagined.

In 2018, E.A.T.'s Jo N°5 moving-coil cartridge raised the bar for affordable transducers capable of high-end performance. Reviewers around the world acknowledged that it was remarkable for a cartridge at its price point. But, they mused, what would E.A.T. deliver with no price constraints? According to founder and CEO Jozefina Lichtenegger, "Jo N°8 was created because of the demand to go one step further, following of the success of Jo N°5. Customers and distributors concurred that the design was an obvious candidate for more exclusive components, an even more carefully conducted, higher level of selection and – ultimately – a superlative, but inevitably more costly and exclusive precision-made body. We knew that this recipe would result in a wonderful-sounding transducer."

£ 799.00 each

EAT Jo No5 Moving Coil Cartridge

High End E.A.T. cartridge. It comes in unmistakeable mint green colour and features a truthful and immersive sound that is pure E.A.T.

£ 2,498.00 each

Koetsu Red T MC Cartridge

The Rosewood Standard and Signature are very similar in construction.

Electrically, the Signature offers a more closely matched core and coil set.

£ 2,098.00 each

Koetsu Black Goldline MC Cartridge

For many, the  Koetsu journey starts with the Black Goldline. Its warm and full bodied sound makes it an excellent choice for all genres of music.

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