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Floorstanding Speakers

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Revox Re:Sound G Prestige Loudspeakers

Four long-throw bass drivers, a low distortion mid-range drive and a tweeter with a large gabric membrane are responsible for providing the precise sound quality of the slim Re:sound G Prestige.

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Revox Re:Sound G Elegance Loudspeakers

The Re:sound G Elegance speaker combines the slim design of the Re:sound G Column and the excellent performance of the Re:sound G Prestige.

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Revox Scala 120 Loudspeakers

The Scala 120 is a best-in-class product, combining a sensational design with a pinnacle of listening pleasure.

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Stradivari Audio Magnus Loudspeakers

Stradivari Audio Magnus speakers are exceptionally convenient, extremely powerful sound, airy and very natural. No sharpness, beautiful voice output, very transparent speakers , lovely high tone output, an enormous space, magnificent sound, a great fundament of the whole range, A fantastic deep bass output.

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Stradivari Audio Pantera Loudspeakers

Extraordinarily beautiful sound.

The Pantera is the new, sleek, top loudspeaker from Stradivari.

With the superlatives of an extraordinary loudspeaker.

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Stradivari Audio Amorat Loudspeakers

The Amorat speaker has a natural sound, depth and tight bass, full tone, a very detailed and a fine example! Beautiful voice output. Sparkling, pure high, without sharpness. Magnificent overall. Now with new tweeters, designed for Thiel (output on as linear to 40 kHz) and larger bass reflex system, ensuring for a more transparent and fuller sound.

£ 28,998.00 each

Wilson Audio Yvette Loudspeakers

Wilson is very excited to introduce its fifth all-new loudspeaker in as many years: The Yvette.

As we launch our newest loudspeaker, the natural questions seem to be within the context of Wilson’s past models. This is understandable. Dave Wilson’s WATT/Puppy literally transformed the high-end loudspeaker market in the late eighties, and went on to be the best selling loudspeaker in the over-$10K category in history. The Yvette may also invite comparison to Wilson’s cult favorite, the Sophia. Again, this makes sense. For thousands and thousands of music lovers and audiophiles, Sophia was the first experience they had with Wilson. Sophia was treasured for her unique combination of musicality and accessibility with other traditional Wilson virtues, such as dynamic resolution and soundstaging. She was, above all else, easy-going and eminently lovable. 

£ 64,998.00 each

Wilson Audio Alexia Series 2 Loudspeakers

When it came to designing the Series 2, every angle and curve was scrutinized, every structural element was considered, each of the metal components, large and small, were carefully examined for possible improvements. Nearly everything in the Alexia has been reworked for the Series 2 with an eye toward more elegantly following the underlying technological function responsible for the Alexia’s intrinsic musical rightness.

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Wilson Audio Alexx Loudspeakers

Alexx is the fourth all-new loudspeaker from Wilson Audio in as many years. It may be intuitive to assume the Alexx replaces the venerable MAXX, in that it is Wilson’s latest entry into the large speaker segment just below the Alexandria, but, in reality, the comparison with the MAXX begins and ends there. Instead, the Alexx is an altogether more complex and sophisticated loudspeaker. Alexx incorporates Wilson’s latest thinking on loudspeaker design in the areas of time-domain geometry, driver configuration, and driver development. It is the latest beneficiary of Wilson’s ongoing analysis of low-resonance cabinet strategies via laser micrometer. Alexx draws from both recent designs such as the Alexia and the Sabrina, as well as the WAMM—Dave Wilson’s up and coming Magnum Opus—with which it was developed concurrently.

£ 15,498.00 each

Magico A3 Loudspeaker

The inspiration for the new A3 was driven by the engineering challenge to create not only a full range loudspeaker that incorporates similar design philosophies found in higher-end Magico offerings but to provide an entry level category that is accessible to a new and wider audience of music enthusiasts.

£ 3,995.00 each

Falcon Acoustics RAM Studio 30 Loudspeakers

The Studio 30 is a 3 way floor-stander, offering outstanding sound quality and a specification rarely seen at this price level.

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Wilson Audio WAMM Master Chronosonic Loudspeakers

The WAMM Master Chronosonic is the most time-domain correct loudspeaker in Wilson’s history. It plumbs new depth in terms of technology and execution. From drivers to cutting-edge composites, from crossover technology to perfecting geometries. Most importantly, the adjustability in the time domain is precise down to five millionths of a second for any installation—accuracy heretofore only achievable in the theoretical domain.

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