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£ 38,000.00

Kalista Dreamplay CD Transport

For the most demanding audiophiles, the DreamPlay CD turntable shows an exceptional design and combines the pleasure of your eyes to musical hedonism. Put the disc onto the turntable, cover it with the CD clamp, press on play and… shut your eyes : this is live music.

£ 38,000.00

Kalista Dreamplay Dac

DreamPlay DAC was created to offer the right converter solution to DreamPlay CD. It is indeed the perfect pairing to this challenging CD turntable, and offers a complete complementarity either in design and audiophile performance. With DreamPlay DAC, re-discover your CDs and the latest generations of  high-resolution computer music…
£ 41,000.00

Kalista Dreamplay One CD Player

The DreamPlay range performs the last evolutions of the Kalistas born in 2002.
DreamPlay ONE is actually the first integrated player of the brand, pure like always
and simpler to use compared to a DreamPlay CD and Kalista DAC set.

£ 21,000.00

Kalista Dreamplay Stream Dac/ Streamer

Playing your music files from a server or your computer, directly stream the main online services, and even listen to music from your phone… DreamPlay STREAM is ready for everything !

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