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CD / DVD Transports

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dCS Vivaldi CD/SACD Transport

Vivaldi Transport is designed to extract revelatory levels of detail from both CD and SACD and is the ultimate machine for silver disc replay. All signal processing in Vivaldi Transport is proprietary to dCS.

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dCS Rossini APEX CD/SACD Upsampling Transport

Rossini uses the very latest dCS Digital Processing Platform and Ring DAC technology, originally developed for the flagship Vivaldi series. Its single FPGA brings improved signal processing and superior flexibility, effectively making it future-proof.

Rossini Transport upsamples CD data to DSD, DSD/128 or DXD (24-bit 352.8 kS/s) and transmits the data over the Dual AES/EBU interface. SACDs are played in their native DSD format, again over the Dual AES/EBU interface. Native CD data is available from 3 PCM outputs (1x AES3 and 2x SPDIF), as is down-sampled SACD data.

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£ 19,998.00

Metronome AQWO T Transport

t|AQWO perpetuates the Métronome top high-end Transports tradition. Unlike the previous devices, it reads as well CDs and SACDs, and includes up and down-sampling functionalities !
In order to obtain the best sound reproduction quality, in particular the finest Métronome analog sound, you will preferably combine it to the D/A converter c|AQWO, which has been jointly developed. Of course it will give the best with any other compatible converters, either with classic audio connexions or the HDMI. A big 6.5 inch touchscreen allows a long-distance reading, and a remote is provided !

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£ 4,500.00

Metronome Le Player 3 CD Transport

Le Player 3 is the premium CD transport that many audiophiles have been waiting for, with its classic design and high-end sound reproduction.

Without integrated DAC, Le Player 3 reads and can upsample your CDs up to DSD 128, for listening pleasure always at its maximum.

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