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Mains Conditioners

£ 5,250.00

PS Audio P12 Mains Regenerator

The DirectStream Power Plant 12 is the successor to the venerable P5 Power Plant. The P12 is completely redesigned from the ground up with three times lower output impedance, lower distortion, a new FPGA based DSD sine wave generator, and an improved level of performance never before attained by any Power Plant of its size.

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£ 7,875.00

PS Audio P15 Mains Regenerator

Purify, protect, regulate, and rebuild unrestricted new power from old. The DirectStream P15 Power Plant is the gold standard for safety, reliability, and high-performance AC power regeneration. The P15 improves micro and macro dynamics, audio purity, instrumental separation, soundstage width and depth, and lowers background noise for any connected equipment.

Product details
£ 10,500.00

PS Audio P20 Mains Regenerator

Demanding systems require remarkable power. The DirectStream P20 Power Plant is our finest expression of the art of delivering protected, pure, regulated, distortion-free AC power. With peak power levels of 3600 watts, no equipment can tax the mighty P20.

Product details
£ 7,595.00

Shunyata Research Denali 6000/T V2 UK Power Distributor

The Denali’s tower form factor is uniquely vertically oriented with a narrow front profile allowing it to be placed alongside an audio rack without taking up valuable shelf space. The close proximity to the audio equipment allows for shorter and tidier AC power cable routing.

Product details
£ 5,900.00

Shunyata Research Hydra Alpha A10 UK Power Distributor

The Hydra Alpha A10 UK, part of the Performance Line of power distributors, delivers a legitimate wonder of design innovation by incorporating Shunyata Research’s most exclusive technologies within a product platform so affordable, so beautifully crafted, that it is unmistakable in its price category.

With ten outlets, the Hydra Alpha A10 UK is large enough to power entire systems, yet affordable enough to suit almost any budget or application.

Product details
£ 3,500.00

Shunyata Research Hydra Delta D6 Power Distributor

The Hydra Delta D6 UK power distributor provides compelling proof of Shunyata Research’s commitment to delivering state-of-the-art performance at an affordable price. The D6 deservedly takes it place in the Shunyata’s Performance Line of power distributors.

Product details
£ 8,650.00

Transparent Cable PowerIsolator Reference Power Conditioner

PowerIsolator Reference is a versatile and relentless ally in the fight against line noise and grunge in your system. Particularly suited for your source components, PIR approaches the performance of PowerIsolator MM, while offering the versatility of four 15-amp high-current outlets. Give yourself an automatic upgrade by plugging fewer than four components into a PIR. 

Product details
£ 19,920.00

Transparent Cable Opus PowerIsolator Power Conditioner

Twenty-three years of technical development, materials research, and critical listening have culminated in Transparent's paramount technology to eliminate power line noise. 

Product details
£ 10,750.00

Shunyata Research Everest 8000 UK Power Distributor

The Everest 8000 combines patented innovations from Shunyata Research’s critically acclaimed Hydra Triton and Hydra Typhon designs with transformative technologies developed from its heralded medical division products. From a stunning form-follows-function tower design, to its inside-out engineering, the Everest represents the pinnacle within Shunyata Research’s line of power conditioners.

Product details
£ 2,000.00

Shunyata Research Venom UK6 Mains Distribution Unit

The VENOM UK6 is a high performance power distributor designed specifically for the music, film and recording enthusiast, located in regions that require the UK BSI-style mains sockets. High-end home entertainment systems can be very complex and quite costly, yet the performance potential of the entire system can be dramatically affected by the choice of power delivery products including the power distributor. The UK6 has the build quality and reference level performance of much more expensive products.

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