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Phono Stages

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Audio Research Reference Phono 3 SE

When Audio Research was founded in 1970, analog vinyl playback was the de facto music source of the time. Audio Research has either incorporated or built stand-alone phono stages since the very beginning and has continuously provided phono preamplification, even during the height of digital music. The Reference Phono 3SE is the next great advancement in analog playback and represents a new benchmark. The knowledge gained in the creation of Audio Research’s award-winning Reference 160-series amplifiers has transitioned to both Reference preamplifiers. The Reference Phono 3SE continues the upgrades introduced in the Reference 6SE line-stage, including a number of new, ultra-high-quality parts judiciously incorporated into its design and ushering in a new level of sonic accuracy and musicality. Due to the extremely low-level nature of the signals involved in a phono stage, the component and wiring upgrades incorporated in the Reference Phono 3SE combine to create a startling advancement in performance. The improvements heard immediately include enhanced resolution at all levels, greater purity and focus, improved transient speed and snap, and better dynamic shading. The sum of these improvements is exceptional, further breaking down the barrier between reproduced sound and the immediacy of a live event.

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Audio Research Foundation PH9 Phono Stage

The PH9 phono preamplifier is a great pairing with most cartridge and turntable combinations. A trio of 6H30 vacuum tubes are at the core of a simple and clear signal path to provide the most transparent preamplification possible. Five different impedance settings allow for cartridge loading, which can be changed on the fly with the included metal remote. Cartridge impedance, tube hours, auto shutdown, and other features are included in the menu system.

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Audio Research Reference Phono 10 Phono Stage

Vinyl record playback has been an integral part of Audio Research since our founding in 1970. Think back to the great phono stages built into the defining preamplifiers of their day, among them the SP3, SP6, SP8, SP10, and SP11. Even after the introduction of the compact disc in 1982, phono sections remained a revered part of our preamplifiers. The first Audio Research phono preamplifier in a separate chassis was introduced in 1992.

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£ 1,800.00

Bryston BP-2 MM/MC Phono Stage

Phono gain stages are rather un-glamorous. But that's the point. This one trick pony simply accepts analog audio from your turntable's cartridge and amplifies it to a level that your main preamplifier can understand. What makes the BP-2 so special is that it can take such a minuscule signal--2mV or so and amplify it with so little distortion and so little added noise. When switched into MC mode, zero additional noise is added. The transformers are wound so precisely, they are virtually distortion free making the most of your priceless MC cartridge. This is true analog bliss.

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£ 23,998.00

Constellation Audio Andromeda Phono Stage

The Revelation Series bridges a gap in the Constellation Audio product hierarchy. Building on the Inspiration tradition and offering improved performance due to the use of carefully selected parts, the Revelation Series is a logical step up from Inspiration. Its distinctively Constellation casework design draws upon the heritage of the Reference Series and extends the foundation first used in Inspiration.

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£ 39,998.00

Constellation Audio Perseus Phono Stage

Fully complementary circuitry: The Perseus's balanced audio circuitry is essentially two mirror-imaged preamp circuits, one to amplify the positive half of the audio signal, the other to amplify the negative half. The fully balanced design cancels the effects of interference-an important capability considering the low level of the signals inside a phono preamp-and also increases slew rate and frequency response.

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Dan D'Agostino Momentum Phono Stage

Locked inside those grooves is the most realistic and natural sound one could ever experience.The Momentum Phonostage extracts every last bit of music hidden in this microscopic landscape.

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£ 5,099.00

EAR Yoshino 324 Phono Stage

One of the few transistor based designs of Tim de Paravicini, the EAR 324 is a high grade phonostage worthy to be in the EAR lineup. Both Moving coil and moving magnet capability designed to handle a wide range of cartridges.

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EAR Yoshino Phonobox

This is EAR Yoshino's replacement for the legendary 834P Phonostage.

Available in the following configurations:

Phono Box MM only, Black Panel £1149

Phono Box MM/MC, Black Panel: £1349

Phono Box MM/MC, Black Panel, Black knob: £1349

Phono Box Deluxe, Chrome Panel: £1749

Phono Box Deluxe, Chrome Panel, Chrome knob: £1749




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£ 4,899.00

EAR Yoshino 88PB Phono Stage

Full featured dedicated phonostage with two inputs catering for the vinyl enthusiast with multiple turntables or arms. With both Moving coil and moving magnet capability as standard, its designed to handle a wide range of cartridges.

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£ 1,899.00

EAR Yoshino MC4 Step Up Transformer

Our high end MC4 Transformers for stepping up Moving coil cartridges for phonostages with insufficient gain, or to upgrade an existing phonostage. Completely passive design requires no additional power supply.

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£ 1,500.00

EAT E-Glo Petit Phono Stage

E-Glo Petit is the small sibling of the highly acclaimed and award winning E-Glo S. With its fully discreet, OpAmp-less design, we were able to achieve an outstanding sound in a small and compact form factor. Stunning dynamics, a clear midrange and high resolution definition is what makes E-Glo Petit punch way above its weight.

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