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£ 7,998.00

EAT Forte Turntable

A massive machine that gets the best out of your vynil. Separate Sub Chassis and a mass loaded turntable gives us the best of both worlds.

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£ 5,800.00

EAT Forte S Turntable

After the first impressive model Forte, Euro Audio Team follows with the small brother EAT Forte S. The last letter "S" is for small. Actually there is nothing "small" and this can be seen as a good joke.

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£ 4,800.00

EAT E-Flat Turntable

EAT’s E-Flat is a new, forward-thinking turntable supplied with a revolutionary flat tonearm. Although flat arms have been seen in the past, none have been able to offer the rigidity necessary to deliver the stable performance expected of modern tonearms. Thanks to the continued evolution of carbon fibre, Forte has been able to create an arm with the practical and aesthetic benefits of a flat form, but without the weaknesses.

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£ 19,539.00

SME Synergy Mk II Turntable

 Details to be uploaded soon.

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£ 10,719.00

SME Model 15 MK II Turntable (Excluding Arm)

The MK2 Model 15 takes its inspiration from the Model 20 with its high-density construction but with a compact footprint. In seeking to emulate the engineering excellence of its bigger brother, the Model 15 is a precision turntable delivering a dynamic audio performance. The new highly advanced drive system provides significantly improved speedcontrol, accuracy and stability, the Model 15 just got better.

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£ 24,900.00

SME Model 20/3A MK II Turntable

The MK2 Model 20 is a finely engineered precision turntable. High density construction, extensional damping of major surfaces and lack of vibration from moving parts ensures exceptional detail, resolution and uncoloured performance. Equipped with a new highly advanced drive system provides a significant improvement to speed control, accuracy and stability, making the new generation Model 20 far superior to the highly acclaimed original.

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£ 10,474.00

SME Model 12A MKII Turntable

The MK2 Model 12 is designed and precision engineered for pure audio reproduction. The all new highly advanced drive system provides much improved speed control, accuracy and stability. This best-selling and very capable precision turntable has evolved to deliver the perfect listening experience.

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£ 36,811.00

SME Model 30/2A MK II Turntable

The MK2 Model 30 is a unique precision turntable of uncompromising quality and engineering excellence. Once independently judged as ‘the best turntable of all time.
Construction is heavy mass; dampening is extensional and non-vibration from moving parts ensures excellent dynamics and pitch stability. A new sophisticated drive system provides a significant advancement in speed control and accuracy, transforming the new generation Model 30 into a new league.The Model 30 is the former SME flagship turntable delivering an outstanding performance and for many years considered to be the world’s reference standard turntable. This accolade is achieved from an ingenious design, precision engineering, intelligent damping and fundamental physics. The net result of the immense care taken in the design and execution of these components is the Model 30, audio engineering excellence evolved over six decades.



  • Outstanding Dynamics  
  • Heavy Mass Construction
  • Suspended Suspension System
  • Chassis Fluid Damping System
  • Close Tolerance Precision Bearing
  • SME Series V Tonearm 
  • Crystal Cable Internal Wiring
  • Highly Advanced Drive System 
  • Independent Mains Transformer
  • LEMO Low Power Cables 
  • RCA or XLR Chassis Connectors 
Product details
£ 49,950.00

SME Model 60 Turntable with Series VA Tonearm

The Model 60 is the most technically advanced SME turntable ever made, evolved from 75 years of engineering
excellence, innovation and perfection, delivering precise and pure audio reproduction. 

Extremely high build quality, close tolerance precision engineered componentry, striking design and a range of none painted uniquely engineered finishes. Introduced 60 years after SME entered the elite high end audio world, the Model 60 is far superior than the highly credible Model 30 which has been the reference precision turntable for over 3 decades. The new flagship is an entirely new turntable design with clever engineering and technological advancement.

Price stated is standard black or silver finish, all other options £59,950

Product details
£ 120,000.00

TechDAS Airforce 1 Premium Turntable

Top-of-the-line model for TechDAS Air Force Turntable series with new integrated concepts and technologies refining the sound, user-friendliness and external finish.

Air Force One Premium consists of three units: main unit (including motor), power supply / pump unit and air condenser / air charger unit.

Product details
£ 36,998.00

TechDAS Airforce 3 Premium Turntable

- New Power Supply Unit is improved to almost equivalent to that of the Air Force One, containing an air condenser having a doubled capacity from the standard model.

Product details
£ 16,488.00

TechDAS Airforce V Premium Turntable

TechDAS push back the boundaries of design by successfully preserving all “Air Force” technologies in our most affordable model of the line.
The Air Force turntables feature unique and refined “air” technologies which include our air bearing that allows the platter to flow on a very thin layer of air and mechanically isolates the rotating platter and a record from any vibration, as well as vacuum hold down of an LP onto the platter. With these technologies, the Air Force turntables have distinguished themselves from conventional turntables in terms of sound and performance.
Whilst most turntables on the market deliver a similar sound to the old analog age, analog sound should not remain the same, as we have witnessed decades of advancement in the digital audio sector. We at TechDAS believe that the analog sound we produce has gone beyond previous levels of signal to noise ratios and is more in line with the signal to noise ratios achieved in modern digital audio. Thus TechDAS “Air Force” technologies bring about the ultimate state-of-the art analog sound.
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