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Digital Interconnects - Used

£ 240.00

Chord Signature Digital Cable (BNC to BNC) 1 mtr

Recently traded in and in good condition. Unfortunatley, no box.

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£ 240.00

Chord Indigo Plus Digital Interconnect (BNC to BNC) 1 mtr (SOLD)

Recently traded in and in good condition. Unfortunatley, no box.

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£ 450.00

Chord Digital Signature Super Array (Hybrid) SPDIF to AES (1Mtr)

The Chord Signature Super ARAY digital cable is a replacement for the superb Tuned ARAY cable ideal when paired with high performance audio streamers.

Cable Design

This Chord Super ARAY cable is assembled using a combination of precision machine preparation and meticulous hand assembly. Chord Super ARAY cables are a development of Tuned ARAY technology. Super ARAY technology produces extremely neutral and transparent interconnects.

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£ 550.00

Chord Digital Signature Super Array (Hybrid) SPDIF to AES (2 Mtr)

If you are fortunate enough to own one of the new generation of mid-price DACs, then the Signature Digital would be a very good cable to audition in your system. The Signature Super ARAY Digital uses the same Super ARAY conductor geometry as SarumT and our flagship ChordMusic digital cables. It replaces the previous Signature Tuned ARAY.

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£ 85.00

Nordost Blue Heaven iKable 3.5 (Coaxial) to RCA (0.6 Mtr)

Whether through facilitating access to our music libraries, upgrading the caliber of sound or simply mobilizing a once stationary practice, the portable audio device has transformed the way in which we enjoy music. The convenience of these new technological advances has not easily swayed true audiophiles when it comes at the expense of quality. Thankfully, the new Blue Heaven iKable now makes it possible to enjoy hifi quality sound from your portable audio devices.

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£ 60.00

QED Reference Optical Cable (2mtr)

QED Reference Optical Cable. We have just found this tucked away in the warehouse, therefore is brand new, old stock.

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£ 475.00

Stealth Varadig 16 AES/EBU Digital Interconnect (1 Mtr)

Even the best parts, the best wire and the best insulation – everything has tolerances, numerous parameters vary to some degree, being lower or greater than the optimum value. Such variations exist in unterminated cables, the connectors used for termination, and in completely assembled cables.

Our tolerances are established for ALL cables we make to work well.

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£ 40.00

Moon Audio Black Dragon Mini Coax Digital Cable 75Ohm

The Black Dragon 75 Ohm Mini Coax Digital Cable was originally designed for the HifiMan Player HM-602 Slim and the JH Audio JH-3A portable Amp/Dac. We are so pleased with the results that Drew also recommends it for normal SPDIF applications.

This cable is extremely flexible, making it a perfect match for portable audio digital transmission applications as well as stationary hifi setups.

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