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Turntables - Used

£ 12,500.00

Avid Acutus Classic Turntable with SME V Tonearm

Recently traded in and in fantastic condition, complete with SME V Tonearm. Fully boxed in original packaging and supplied with Perspex Cover.

Wiping away convention, the Acutus removes layers of distortion that haze the sound, so you hear only what is captured within your records.

Vinyl sceptics turn into fans, marvelling at the superlative bass grip the Acutus displays and its vast widescreen projection of the soundstage, thunderous dynamics and crescendos always drawing a smile.

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£ 5,500.00

SME 20/12 Turntable with SME M2/12R Arm

Selling on behalf of a valued customer. SME 20/12 Turntable fitted with an SME M2/12R Tonearm. Unfortunatley no box.

In the Model 20/12, superb instrument quality machining is allied with fundamental physics. The higher the mass and stiffness of a body the less it will flex and vibrate; the duration of a vibration can be shortened by suitable damping.

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£ 12,800.00

SME Synergy Turntable (Cancelled Order)

SME Synergy Turtable package, with only a couple of hours use here in the studio. This is a cancelled customer order due to his current financial situation due to the Pandemic. Obviously in immaculate, boxed as new condition, with Full Warranty.

Synergy is a precision engineered turntable and our first integrated turntable featuring a built-in phono stage with a factory matched moving coil cartridge and premium grade signal cables, combining the finest components from some of the world’s best high-end audio brands. Synergy exemplifies our desire to continue creating world-class audio products and delivering the ultimate vinyl replay experience without compromise.

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£ 3,100.00

Well Tempered Versalex Turntable with Dynavector DV-XX2MkII Cartridge

Recently traded in and in fantastic condition. Boxed with all accessories.

The Versalex is the latest top of the range turntable from Well Tempered Lab.It is another great design from William Firebaugh who has been designing turntables for decades and the Versalex is the ultimate expression of his "Outside of the Box" thinking.

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£ 2,850.00

Clearaudio Performance DC Turntable Package

Our Ex-Demonstration Clearaudio Performance DC Turntable Package. In excellent condition, complete with Clarify Tonearm & Virtuosso V2 MM Cartridge. Original Box and all Accessories.

The Performance DC is a complete package designed to open up the high-end listening experience to those ambitious music lovers who are willing to handle with the basic features of tonearm and cartridge adjustment, and who simply seek the best in music reproduction. Excellent tracking properties and hyper-accurate speed synchronisation ensure the ultimate listening pleasure, whatever your choice Performance DC package.

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