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XLR (Balanced) Interconnects - Used

£ 425.00

Black Rhodium OVERTURE RCA to XLR Interconnect (1 Mtr)

The silver wires in OVERTURE are insulated in PTFE because its low dielectric loss ensures extremely low distortion due to dielectric absorption effects in which sound energy is absorbed in the insulation and released at a later interval of time to create highly audible time-smearing distortion. Dielectric distortion is further reduced by a layer of air separating the wire from the inner wall of the insulation along its length.

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£ 2,350.00

Transparent Cable Ultra XLR MM2 Interconnect (20ft) (Ex-Demo)

Our Ex-Demo Transparent Audio Ultra XLR MM2 Interconnects. 20ft pair. Boxed.

Product details
£ 1,495.00
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