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£ 5,050.00 each

DS Audio DS-002 Cartridge & Equaliser

The new DS Audio DS 002 optical phono cartridge combines the latest optical cartridge technology with a more budget-friendly price point. Featuring an aluminum cantilever and classic Shibata stylus, the DS 002’s optical screen is positioned closer to the stylus–a breakthrough in phono cartridge design allowing for more accurate reading of the information within the record groove.

£ 2,420.00 each

DS Audio DS-E1 Cartridge & Equaliser

In common with all DS Audio’s proprietary pick-ups, the DS-E1 employs a derivative of the technology it developed along with Microsoft some 20 years ago – the optical computer mouse.

£ 50,000.00 each

DS Audio Grand Master Cartridge & Equaliser

The Grand Master Cartridge is a completley new design. The Third Generation of DS Audio's optical cartridge features a comprehensivley re-designed optical system that provides the following improvements and benefits.

£ 20,000.00 each

DS Audio Master 1 Cartridge & Equaliser

First, to explain the difference of detection principle between the optical cartridge and MM / MC cartridge.

Both the MM / MC cartridge and the optical cartridge read the record groove through the needle, but the usual MM / MC cartridge detects the music signal by vibrating the magnet (or coil) in the magnetic field.

£ 15,000.00 each

DS Audio Master 1 Cartridge & Equalizer (Ex-Demo)

Our Ex-Demonstration DS Audio Master 1 Cartridge and Equalizer (Phono Stage). This cartridge has seen very few hours and both cartridge and equalizer are in immaculate as new condition. Complete with original box and paperwork.

£ 10,420.00 each

DS Audio W2 Cartridge & Equaliser

While the latter DS-W1 cleared the maximum 80μm groove pitch and the most severe +18dB modulation (315Hz lateral cut, re. 11.2μm) at < 1% THD, the Master 1, DS-002 and DS-W2 are secure to +15dB but mistrack at the maximum +18dB groove modulation.

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