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Headphone Amplifiers

£ 2,198.00

Copland DAC 215

Copland DA215 is a high quality D/A converter with DSD capabilities using the ES9018 Reference 32-bit DAC in quad-mono configuration, 8 mono to 2 stereo configuration, four D/A converters per channel.

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£ 4,799.00

EAR Yoshino HP4 Headphone Amplifier

Designed for the highest fidelity in headphones. Using four 6SL7 valves for the clearest of sound. Developed for studio use with the ability to drive any headphones with one watt of power utilising an enhanced triode mode circuitry.

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£ 1,145.00

Stax SRM-D50 Driver Unit for Earspeakers

The SRM-D50 is a high-performance electrostatic driver and Digital-to-Analog Converter, inspired by the battery-powered SRM-D10. With an elegant all-in-one design, the D50 creates a simple solution for any music lovers to experience the legendary sound of Stax earspeakers.

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£ 2,895.00

Stax SRM-700S Semiconductor Driver Unit

All semiconductor driver unit that has adopted custom-made low-noise dual FET at the first stage, and for the first time in STAX driver unit history J-FET has been employed at the second stage. The output of J-FET excellent in low-noise amplification as well as large current emitter follower circuit brings out the full performance of earspeakers. Even the music source with much high-frequency ingredients can easily be driven. The driver unit pursues an exact reproduction of musical details.

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£ 2,895.00

Stax SRM-700T Vacuum Tube Driver Unit (In Stock)

"6SN7" GT tube has been adopted in the second stage of the vacuum tube system, while custom-made low-noise dual FET is employed in the first stage. The vacuum tube 6SN7 that has become the original form of 6FQ7 realizes simple and powerful performance. The hybrid type driver has adopted the high-quality non-inductive winding resistor from VISHAY Co. as a load resistance. The clear and high slew-rate vacuum tube sound has been improved further to polish up warm and spacious reproduction.

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£ 4,395.00

Stax SRM-T8000 Driver Unit for Earspeakers (In Stock)

  • The SRM-T8000 is an exclusive driver unit (power amplifier) with 4-input selector developed in order to ideally drive STAX electrostatic earspeakers.
  • The unit incorporates a high-quality double-axis 4-gang volume controller along with XLR connectors that can connect to all kinds of analog line-level output terminals.
  • The hybrid amplifier configuration with strictly selected low-noise 6922 dual triode tube for the first stage and high-current emitter-follower at output stage brings out the maximum performance of earspeakers. Its natural un- colored sound has been realized by eliminating the coupling capacitor that affects sound
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£ 1,245.00

Stax SRM-400S Semiconductor Driver Unit for Earspeakers

STAX introduces a new semiconductor driver unit SRM-400S, the successor model of the SRM-353X. STAX custom-made low noise DUAL FET is installed on First Stage. And FET is also installed on Last Stage. The characteristics of right FET and left FET are measured strictly. Selected FET are installed as well as SRM-700S. SRM-400S succeeds to the design and the manufacturing method of the high end model SRM-700S, the amplifier which FET are installed in all stages.

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£ 1,395.00

Stax SRM-500T Vacuum Tube Driver Unit for Earspeakers

The SRM-500T, which follows the numerical sequence of the SRM-700 series, is the successor model to the vacuum tube driver unit SRM-006tS and is 11 years in the making.

STAX custom-made low-noise DUAL FET is used for the first stage, and high-voltage double triode 6FQ7 / 6CG7 is used for the output stage. While following the traditional circuit design which is perfect for  STAX vacuum tube drivers, we have improved the efficiency of the power supply and  further improved the sound quality.

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