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Music Servers

£ 1,700.00

Roon Nucleus Music Server (Including 1 yr Roon Subscription)

The Roon Nucleus features an i3 processor, 4Gb RAM and a 64Gb OS SSD. Housed in an elegant case, it runs Roon’s bespoke operating system, with the capability to point it at a NAS, hook in a USB hard drive or install an SSD/HDD to its internals.

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£ 2,800.00

Roon Nucleus + Music Server (Including 1 yr Roon Subscription)

Roon Nucleus Plus music sever incorporates an upgraded i7 processor and double the RAM of the standard Nucleus. Housed in a visually aesthetic case, it also has 128Gb OS SSD running Roon’s bespoke operating system.

More detail to follow!!

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Revox Joy Audio Server

The Revox Joy audio server has been developed as the ideal addition to the Joy network receivers. It is characterised by an extremely easy operation and allows an automatic recording of audio CDs on a local hard disk or as well on external storage media.

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