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Tone Arms

£ 16,500.00

Graham Engineering Phantom Elite Tonearm (In Stock)

Phantom III is the same specification as the Phantom II, but has an updated arm wand, new internal wiring for arm wand and bearing housing.

Price stated is for a 9" tonearm

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£ 9,480.00

Graham Engineering Phantom 111 Tonearm

Phantom III is the same specification as the Phantom II, but has an updated arm wand, new internal wiring for arm wand and bearing housing.

Price stated is for a 9" tonearm.

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Audio Origami PU7 Tonearm

These arms are hand made exactly to your spec!! The pu7 arm is available in any colour or length and it has a linn or rega base fitting. The arm tube is foam damped.

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£ 940.00

Clearaudio Verify Tonearm

The Verify tonearm presents Clearaudio's innovative and groundbreaking magnetic bearing technology in an elegant package. Super solid, resonance-optimised carbon fibre is the basis for a user-friendly radial design.

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£ 1,500.00

Clearaudio Clarify Tonearm

This Clearaudio innovation transmits even tiny signals without any interference and remains absolutely unaffected by resonances.

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£ 3,320.00

Clearaudio Magnify Tonearm

The Magnify is the result of careful optimization to fully exploit the advantages of the extremely lightweight carbon fibre material.

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£ 1,590.00

Clearaudio Satisfy Kardan Carbon Tonearm

Designed for use with a wide range of turntables and cartridges, the award-winning Satisfy Kardan incorporates a range of features normally associated with some of the very best tonearms.

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£ 5,000.00

Clearaudio Universal 9 inch Tonearm

A mechanical masterpiece of both design and functionality, Clearaudio's Universal (also available with VTA-Lifter) convinces by performance.

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£ 2,280.00

Clearaudio Tracer Tonearm

The Tracer radial tonearm may look beautifully minimalistic, yet  beneath its sleek design you’ll find a wealth of workmanship and a raft of smart details. 

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£ 2,550.00

Clearaudio TT5 Tonearm

Why go tangential?

In a conventional pivoted tonearm, the arm is 'dragged' across the record's surface by the stylus following the record groove. A similar motion occurs in Clearaudio's tangential tonearms, but the arm moves tangentially, with the stylus propelling the tonearm along a linear bearing which comprises a carriage running on precision rollers along a meticulously polished glass rail.

The cartridge therefore remains parrallel to the record groove, following the same path as the cutting head did when making the record, thus eliminating any lateral tracking error. And since the record groove, stylus, cantilever and tonearm are perfectly aligned, no side forces are generated and so anti-skating compensation is no longer required.

Tracking force and azimuth are easily and finely adjustable so that the cartridge and stylus are always in the perfect position to read the musical information in the record groove. 

The affordable solution

With the TT5, Clearaudio offers vinyl fans a more affordable entry point into tangential tonearm technology. The TT5's surprising and excellent value for money is down to eschewing one or two of the features of its 'big brothers', the TT2 and TT3. 

For example, the TT5 adopts a new, fully rigid design. However, for those who still want the convenience the bigger arms' ability to swing out of the way when loading records, Clearaudio have created the optional TT5 swing base which, as it's name suggests, allows the entire arm assembly to be swung out of the way when changing records.

Review magazine "Audio" included the TT5 in its analogue highlights of 2015. We are confident that this will still be the case for many years to come.

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£ 3,730.00

Clearaudio TT3 Tonearm

Experience the power of audiophile music reproduction with an astonishing lack of distortion – hear music in its purest form without compromise.

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£ 9,410.00

Clearaudio TT2 Tonearm

A massive masterpiece that transmits the information extracted from the record groove more precisely and faithfully than ever before, with a decisive impact on the authenticity of the music playback.

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