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Floorstanding Speakers

£ 3,995.00

Falcon Acoustics RAM Studio 30 Loudspeakers

The Studio 30 is a 3 way floor-stander, offering outstanding sound quality and a specification rarely seen at this price level.

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£ 4,998.00

Franco Serblin Lignea Loudspeakers

After three years of research and development, LIGNEA, one of the last projects conceived by Franco Serblin, has become a reality. 

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£ 12,998.00

Franco Serblin Accordo Essence Loudspeakers

The birth of Accordo Essence 

he chord is one of the foundations of music, essential for the tuning of a musical instrument. If we consider a large orchestra, a single instrument or a piece of music, without preconceptions, there is a chord at the base of it all.
Voicing a speaker involves the tuning and harmonising of the different parts into something uniquely expressive and coherent: from the drivers to the crossover parts, from the cabinet to its support, the singularity of each element blends into a whole, a presence capable of giving to listeners the “quality of illusion”.


Is the result of the need to blend in a single loudspeaker the knowledge and the love for wood with the passion for the research.
It is this sense of true harmony that overwhelms us when these elements combine in perfect balance.


Behind every musical event and the emotions it conveys is a long process.


Like a musical event, Essence Accord is the result of a patient research, hours of listening and sound refinement



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£ 24,998.00

Franco Serblin Ktema Loudspeakers

These are probably one of the best and musical loudspeakers I have heard for quite a while - when you think of the speakers I have the pleasure of then this is saying something.

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£ 17,995.00

Martin Logan Expression ESL 13A Loudspeakers

The Expression ESL 13A is part of the Masterpiece Series. It features a dual 10-inch woofer system with ARC-honed performance, for perfectly blended low-frequency response. The groundbreaking integration of this woofer array with MartinLogan’s signature 13-inch wide XStat CLS Transducer, coupled with a powerful dual amplifier section, delivers an expressive and dynamic audio experience, with less coloration. It reveals the pure emotional impact of your audio.

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£ 27,995.00

Martin Logan Renaissance ESL 15a Loudspeakers

What makes a masterpiece? Is the “Mona Lisa” just a picture of a woman smiling, or is there more to it?

We consider something a masterpiece when uncommon skill and artistry shapes familiar elements in an unexpected way, revealing an essential truth.

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£ 90,000.00

Martin Logan Neolith Loudspeakers

For those who appreciate accuracy and realism in their audio, the electrostatic transducer is the grail. For those who understand this truth in sound, MartinLogan introduces their new flagship loudspeaker: Neolith.

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£ 4,995.00

Martin Logan Electromotion ESL-X Loudspeakers

The ElectroMotion ESL X (EM-ESL X) X features a larger electrostatic transducer and dual woofers, with increased power-handling capabilities. As the flagship model of the ElectroMotion Series, the X establishes a new benchmark for price versus performance.

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£ 3,495.00

Martin Logan Electromotion ESL Loudspeakers

The World's Most Superb Thin Film Transducer Technologies The ElectroMotion ESL (EM-ESL) represents a brave new direction for electrostatic loudspeaker design. Featuring a full-sized 34-inch tall curvilinear XStat™ electrostatic transducer the new ESL performs more like a mini-flagship than an entry level audiophile speaker. Long time MartinLogan enthusiasts are sure to describe ElectroMotion ESL as the second-coming of the legendary Aerius electrostatic speaker which debuted in 1992 and went on to sell in record numbers. The new ESL, however, boasts 40 percent more radiating surface, a superbly integrated and authoritative bass performance, and a sensitivity rated at 91dB. In addition, the ESL is capable of being effortlessly powered by both receivers and high-end amplifiers alike.

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£ 12,995.00

Martin Logan Impression ESL 11 A Loudspeakers

The goal of the loudspeaker is to disappear into its audio performance. Remove the loudspeaker’s effect and you reveal the pure emotional impact of the performance, with nothing between your audio and your ears.

The Impressionist masterpieces removed the barrier between art and emotion, enhancing the potent feelings their art inspired placing emphasis on immediacy and movement. The Impression ESL 11A achieves this effect with an unprecedented level of audio transparency and realism.

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£ 7,995.00

Martin Logan Classic ESL9 Loudspeakers

A masterpiece doesn’t just inspire emotions. It changes the way you feel, and it sticks with you long after you’ve left the art gallery or the concert hall. It’s considered a masterpiece precisely because of its ability to alter something inside you. Once you experience it, you’ll never be the same. Enjoying a masterpiece in your own home is something to aspire to.

Consider the Classic ESL 9 your ticket to a life-changing experience with a masterpiece of audio performance. You will never be the same.

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£ 1,795.00

Martin Logan Motion 20i Loudspeakers

A compact floorstanding loudspeaker with a performance that is anything but small, the new Motion 20i features a Folded Motion® tweeter, dual 5.5-inch aluminum cone woofers with a rear-firing bass port, and a proprietary Vojtko crossover network. Motion 20i delivers the classic broad soundstage of the Motion Series from a newly designed enclosure enhanced by the slightest of modifications, including the drive-stabilizing dust cap design, stiffened motor suspension, and low-mounted woofers to reduce an acoustically harmful phenomenon known as floor bounce. The speaker’s enclosure sports a reinforced baffle and a fabric grille. Available in three stylish finishes: gloss black, matte white, and red walnut.

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