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CD Players

£ 11,998.00 each

Audio Research CD 6 SE CD Player

The compact disc format is more than 35 years old, with millions of titles. Simultaneously, digital downloads and computer music storage has skyrocketed in popularity. Combining a super high-resolution compact disc player and a digital-to-analog converter in one compact chassis, the CD6SE is a perfect fit for modern music playback. The CD6SE is positioned to optimize most any digital format with spectacular results.

£ 16,998.00 each

Audio Research Reference CD9 SE CD player

Audio Research introduced its first Reference series CD player in 2005 with the Reference CD7, then evolving into the Reference CD8. Both players received critical acclaim for their accuracy and naturalness. People still want to play their CDs, but they also want to add other digital sources such as computer audio and streaming to their music systems, so we created the Reference CD9SE CD Player/DAC. It combines the best of both, a super high-resolution compact disc player with a super high-resolution digital-to-analog converter that is stunning in its musicality.

£ 22,999.00 each

dCS Rossini CD/Network Media Player

The new dCS Rossini Player makes superlative sounding music from a wide range of digital sources, simply integrating your digital music and setting the performance standard for digital playback.

£ 4,800.00 each

EAR Yoshino Acute Classic CD Player

Compact Discs are the home for all things audio. Their abundance and variety make them the most readily available source of high fidelity music. The Acute Classic masters the most compelling sound akin to analogue sources. It’s clear and smooth characteristic caters for vinyl advocates but without the hassles. You will want to re-listen to your collection in its true fidelity.

£ 5,598.00 each

Metronome Le Player 2S CD Player

Le Player 2 is a new entry-level device of the reputed Métronome CD players, especially developped for music lovers. This integrated CD player performs a brand new CD optical unit and a great sound quality even though a single DAC. The USB input allows Métronome conversion of computer music.

£ 13,998.00 each

Metronome AQWO CD/SACD Player & DAC

AQWO was first introduced at the Munich HighEnd Show in May 2018. It is the first SACD player ever developed by Métronome. 
Like all the combos designed by Métronome, AQWO perpetuates the analog sound quality either in playing discs and in digital to analog conversion. The device has got a number of digital inputs and outputs, allowing the use with different sources. The 6.5" large touchscreen is easily readable from a far distance.

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Norma Audio Revo DS-1 CD Player / DAC

NORMA  is proud to present the new DS-1 Digital Source. It is a significantly interesting product, both for its considerable technical content and for its extreme versatility, naturally combined with the rigor of the NORMA musical tradition. 

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Revox Joy CD Player

The Revox Joy CD player is the latest addition made to the Revox "Joy" family. With its robust aluminium housing available in white or silver and a black or white glass front panel, the CD player perfectly matches the other products from the Joy range, such as the Joy Network Receivers or the Joy Audio Server. You can build your own personal audio system from the wide diversity of Joy devices available.

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