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£ 120,000.00

TechDAS Airforce 1 Premium Turntable

Top-of-the-line model for TechDAS Air Force Turntable series with new integrated concepts and technologies refining the sound, user-friendliness and external finish.

Air Force One Premium consists of three units: main unit (including motor), power supply / pump unit and air condenser / air charger unit.

£ 36,998.00

TechDAS Airforce 3 Premium Turntable

- New Power Supply Unit is improved to almost equivalent to that of the Air Force One, containing an air condenser having a doubled capacity from the standard model.

£ 16,488.00

TechDAS Airforce V Premium Turntable

TechDAS push back the boundaries of design by successfully preserving all “Air Force” technologies in our most affordable model of the line.
The Air Force turntables feature unique and refined “air” technologies which include our air bearing that allows the platter to flow on a very thin layer of air and mechanically isolates the rotating platter and a record from any vibration, as well as vacuum hold down of an LP onto the platter. With these technologies, the Air Force turntables have distinguished themselves from conventional turntables in terms of sound and performance.
Whilst most turntables on the market deliver a similar sound to the old analog age, analog sound should not remain the same, as we have witnessed decades of advancement in the digital audio sector. We at TechDAS believe that the analog sound we produce has gone beyond previous levels of signal to noise ratios and is more in line with the signal to noise ratios achieved in modern digital audio. Thus TechDAS “Air Force” technologies bring about the ultimate state-of-the art analog sound.
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